Pictures in language teaching classroom

Pictures contribute to a sense of context, reference point or stimulus in language learning.

Dictionary activities

Dictionary is a navigating device to help the users find the right sense of word, pronunciation, grammar and usage. Activities based on dictionary skills will help the learners to develop their language competence.

Functional reading

Functional reading forms a part of Functional English. It develops learners ability to- Read in order to learn- by giving intensive reading, extensive reading, skimming, scanning- To suit different reading purpose.

Projects for Language learning

Language learning involve learners getting engaged with the language. Doing language projects give opportunities to children to work with language.

Learning through stories

Stories offer a whole imaginary world,created by language that children can enter and enjoy learning language. It is a holistic approach to language teaching and learning.

Authentic Materials par Excellence

Authentic materials are often more recent and can therefore be more interesting to learners in a language classroom as they pertain to current events that are of interest to them.

Vocabulary Development

Ways of practising vocabulary in context through series of activities focusing on pronunciation, meaning and form

How good is my English?

Designed questions on various aspects of the language- Spelling, Pronunciation, Meanings, Grammar, Collocation, Usage stylistics etc. In the form of MCQs to assess language competence.

Literature in English Language classroom

Using literature as authentic material is to broaden learner’s horizons.

Academic Writing Skills

Academic writing is any writing done to fulfill a requirement of a college or university. Academic writing is also used for publications that are read by teacher and researchers or presented at a conference. A very broad definition of academic writing would include any writing assignment given in an academic setting.


City Engineers unable to crack English code: TOI

The Times of India Title : City engineers unable to crack English code Author : Location :Hyderabad Article Date : 08/16/2015 City Engg Graduates Fare Poorly In Nationwide Study On English Language Skills While they may solve complex equations of

India is a multilingual country

What makes learning of English?             India is a multilingual country. English is for some a first language of public (academic, societal, creative) discourse. For many it is a second language and many others a

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