India is a multilingual country

What makes learning of English?







India is a multilingual country. English is for some a first language of public (academic, societal, creative) discourse. For many it is a second language and many others a foreign language. The school contexts in which English is taught mirror this contextual diversity.

English language teaching has undergone tremendous change over the years, especially the last ten years. Students are burdened with studying, learning and grasping the materials, and of course, lectures with the collection of relevant information from prescribed texts. Many career alternatives once regarded insignificant are gaining importance at present such as communication skills, soft skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills, ICT literacy etc. The need for chiselled graduates to merge successfully in the tough competition of survival in the global market is in great demand .

English plays a vital role in increasing opportunities around the world. It provides access to the information with which individuals can learn and develop. Thus English has stamped deep into all walks of life in our country.

  • It plays an important role in the domain of education, administration, business, political relation, judicial, industry etc.
  • As the links between people across the world grew, there is an increasing need for us to learn to communicate in multilingual and multicultural situation.
  • Knowing one of the world language such as English becomes an increasing important skill for an individual who wants to do well in today’s global market .
  • With IT revolution and most of the software and operating system being in English language , English has become the most important language having communicative and educative value.
  • Gradually it has become the medium of instructions at university level, statesman, eminent class of the society.
  • It is widely used in reservation booking counter, post office which are fully computerised. Also used in shopping malls and online transaction process.
  • Electricity bill, telephone bill etc. are generated from computer which is in English so knowledge of English is essential.
  • Instructions in government offices, banks are also in English and in regional languages. People from other parts of India may not know the regional language. Knowledge of English helps him to deal in the government offices and in bank transactions.
  • Medical prescriptions are mostly in English so it is essential to know one’s English well.
  • Legal documents are written or typed in English and regional language. so knowledge of English plays important role in understanding it.

A developing nation like India cannot lag behind the fast developing trends in science and technology. So English is essentially required.

Is there a need to learn English  as second language ? Read this story.

The Bilingual Cat It was a bright and sunny day, and a mother cat wanted to take a walk with her three little kittens. She wanted to go to the park with the three kittens because she was very proud of them, and she wanted everyone to see them. She told the kittens she wanted to go to the park to enjoy the beautiful day, and the little kittens said, “Oh. yes! We want to go there, too!” So they went to the park. The mother cat was leading. and the three little kittens were following, and they looked very nice, all in a row. The mother cat was very proud. and the kittens were having a good time smelling the flowers and looking at all the people in the park. Suddenly a big dog came out from behind a garbage can. He looked very mean. He was growling like this — grrrrrrrr — and his teeth were showing. The little kittens were very scared. One of them started to run away. The mother cat said, “Stop! Don’t run away! I can take care of everything. Just keep following me.” The kittens were still afraid, and their little hearts were pounding, and their bodies were shaking, but they followed their mother. The mother cat walked right up to the dog — who was still growling — and when they were nose to nose, she said, “Woof! Woof!” The dog was so surprised that he turned around and ran away! Then the mother cat turned to her kittens and said, ” You see, my children, I have always told you it’s a good idea to learn a second language.” source :

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