City Engineers unable to crack English code: TOI

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Title : City engineers unable to crack English code

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Location :Hyderabad

Article Date : 08/16/2015

City Engg Graduates Fare Poorly In Nationwide Study On English Language Skills
While they may solve complex equations of differential calculus and analyse circuits in a jiffy, engineering graduates in the city are left stuttering and stammering when it comes to speaking in English.

According to a study conducted by Aspiring Minds, an international employability evaluation and compatibility company , Hyderabad’s engineering graduates need maximum improvement in spoken English as compared to other metro cities such as Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. Which is quite an irony , considering that the city sends the most number of engineers to the USA for higher studies and jobs.

The evaluation was based on SVAR a spoken English assessment tool used by many industries across the country prior to the recruitment process.

According to the system, while C2 is the highest grade, A1 is the lowest. The system is mapped according to the international standard for measuring spoken English the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The system analyses parameters such as fluency , active listening, vocabulary , grammar, spoken English comprehension and pronunciation.

Out of 30,000 graduates surveyed across the country , 1,700 were from Hyderabad. The study revealed that only 0.9% graduates got the C2 grade while 25.6% got A1 grade.

Experts associated with the study said the poor English communication skills can be attributed to the influence of the mother tongue. The study itself states that one of the reasons for the poor performance of certain south Indian states could be the difficulty in pronouncing certain English syllables in neutral accent.

Apart from that, students also make some common and repeti tive errors in English. “ A classic example would be the phrase `passed out of college’ or `revert back’,“ said Varun Aggarwal, cofounder of Aspiring Minds.

The study also found that fe males do worse than males in pronunciation and active listening.However, males lag behind them in grammar and vocabulary .

The study added that due to their poor English, over 51% engineering graduates are not employable. This is also due to the fact that there is not enough emphasis on language skills in Hyderabad.“Engineering students are made to focus on Math, Physics and Chemistry . However, they forget the fact that it is also very important to have good communication skills,“ said S Ramachandram, principal of Osmania Engineering College.

Although some engineering colleges have started inculcating soft skills and language skills in their syllabus, academicians find that it is difficult to train them at that age. “Students either mix local words with English or think in the local language and translate it into English,“ said V Kishore, training and placement officer in an engineering college in Himayath Nagar.


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