Classroom Management

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Analysis on Class Room Management using the video case

Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

Novice teachers have difficulty claiming their power as the authority in the classroom. They are found:

  • žGiving the students various ultimatums in response to their rowdiness.
  • žSome start the lesson with a thunderous announcement that freezes them n the spot.
  • žSome threaten or bring it to the Principal.

Do these strategies of classroom management really work?

Look at the video and find the strategy a novice teacher had used in her classroom.

What must a teacher do?

žThe teacher must not forget that he/she is  the in-charge of the class he/she is taking.

žThe teacher need not  have to hand out ultimatums, simply he/she has to make his/her expectations clear and then treat the students in according with those expectations.

žAn administrative intervention should be reserved for an emergency such as, violence or treat of violence not for an ordinary situation like, having a noisy or rowdy class room.

Video Analysis

žThe teacher needs to work on strategies to advance the lesson and avoid taking the rowdiness personally.

žThe teacher must choose to be a classroom manager instead of being a disciplinarian.

The teacher’s strategy was:

  1. Treated her students as autonomous members of a learning community.
  2. Fostered their creative skills, willingness to co-operate in the process of learning.
  3. She used a “working with” rather than a “doing to” approach  to instill norms of social responsibility and promote student maturity.
Watch this video to find out how a teacher innovates and involves a classroom
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