Micro Teaching


Micro –teaching is a method of teaching technique that scales down version of macro-teaching or ‘real teaching. In micro-teaching, the number of students, the unit of time required and the number of teaching skills involved are considerably reduced.

Micro teaching is a controlled practice that makes it possible to concentrate on teaching behaviours in the teacher training programme.



Micro teaching process

  • Class size reduced to about 5-10 pupils
  • length of lesson reduced to at 5-10 mins.
  • Focus one skill at a time and not on the content of the lesson.
  • Phrases of micro-teaching
  • Knowledge acquisition phrase
  • Skill acquisition phase
  • Transfer phrase

Core Teaching Skills

  1. Skill of Introduction
  2. Skill of Probing Questions
  3. Skill of Explaining
  4. Skill of Illustrating With Examples
  5. Skill of Stimulus Variation


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