Skill of Illustration

It has been observed that some abstract ideas or concepts are very difficult to teach. In spite of their best efforts of explaining the concepts, the teachers are unable to convey the true sense and meaning of the concepts. This difficulty of  the teacher can be solved easily if they are able to master the skill of illustrating with examples.


1.Formulating Simple Example.

A simple example is one which is related to the previous knowledge of pupils. It should be according to the age level, grade level and the background of pupils.

2.Formulating Relevant Example

An example is relevant to the concept, when the concept or the rule can be   applied to it. This means to say that the rule is explained by the example.

3.Formulating Interesting Example

An example is interesting if it can arouse curiosity and interest of pupils. This can be judged by the attending behaviour of students. If the pupils keenly attend to the example, it is really interesting.

4.Using Examples by Inductive-Deductive Approach

This involves the teacher giving examples relating to the concept or rule to clarify it. The pupils on the basis of the examples given, formulate the rule. After this the teacher asks the pupils to give examples to test whether the pupils have rightly understood the concept or not.

Micro-Lesson Plan

Subject :  English                                                                      Date :

Topic : Composition writing (message)                           Class : IX

Sl. No.Teacher’s ActivityPupils’ ActivityComponents of Skill
1When telephone contacts are not possible and you want to convey information to your friend then what will you do?Write a messageSimple example.
2Have you ever written a message to any one?

When you really feel sorry for your misdeeds or carelessness that has disappointed someone what kind of message will you write?

Apologizing message
Relevant example.
3Study this message:
What is the purpose of the above message?

What is the Language used?
Giving instructions,
every instruction begins with a verb that suggest an action.
Inductive approach
4What are the expressions that can be used for inquiring............

would you mind......
do you think it is possible to ......
Deductive approach
5Identify the purpose of these expressions used in message writing.

1. I wonder if you would .........
2. I’m afraid I can’t ...........
3. Just to remind to .........
1. inquiring
2. apologising
3. reminding
Deductive approach
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