Skill of Introduction

The skill of introducing a lesson involves establishing rapports with the learners, capturing their attention and exposing them to the essential contents.


Preliminary attention gaining

It has been mostly seen that at the beginning of the lesson, the learners are found not to be attentive and mentally prepared for learning. In such a situation the primary duty of a teacher is to create a desire for learning among the learners.

Use of previous knowledge

Previous knowledge refers to the learner’s level of achievements before instruction begins. Use of previous knowledge helps to establish integration between the pre-existed knowledge of the learners and the new knowledge that the teacher wants to impart.

Use of appropriate device

In order to motivate the learners, the teacher should make use of appropriate device or techniques while introducing a lesson. E.g. dramatization, models, audio-visual aids, flash cards, flip cards etc.

Link with new topic

After preliminary questions and introduction, teacher should establish a link of the previous knowledge with present topic. Let us discuss these components by actually using them in a micro-lesson.

Micro-Lesson Plan

Subject:  English                                                                                                 Date:

Topic: Poem- Silver by walter de la mare                                                Class: IX

Sl. NoTeacher’s ActivityPupils’ ActivityComponents of Skill
1What contrast of beauty do you notice on a sunny day and a full moon night?The chirping of the birds announces the day break; sweet lullabies of skylark can be heard. On a full moon night moon looks like a disk of silver, the trees and creepers look bright and lively.Simple example/ preliminary attention gaining.
2Have you ever read poems related to moon,
What was its theme?
Yes, ‘The moon’ by R.L.Stevenson in std. 8. This poem makes the moon seem like a caring and watchful being.Use of previous knowledge
3The teacher displays pictures like sliver trees, silver fruits, scenery of moon light night and asks the learners to guess about the poem.the learners’ responses may be
full moon night, silver trees and so on….
Use of appropriate device
4The teacher writes all the responses on the black board given by the learners and asks learners to guess the name of the poem and later on declares the poem which is to be taught........ The learners try to guess the name of the poem by combining the responses given by them which the teacher had written on the black board.Link with new topic
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