Ancient Languages are Becoming Extinct and New Languages are Taking Over

Ancient Languages are Becoming Extinct and New Languages are Taking Over

“It is language that helps carve history of man’s feats in this world.”

Language always has had played an important role in communicating with all the people around us. languages act as the bridge between people of different societies and groups. The role of language in today’s modern developed world is that it helps to make the world become smaller so that it remains united with the strong base of languages and cultures.

The magic of languages can only be discovered when it is spoken, written and heard by people. Every language has its own beauty and a unique culture is richly embedded into it.

Like Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”, a language which is native to a place and people practice speaking it, it is remembered forever and has a special effect on the people who speak those languages.

A language may just not be a group of words, or maybe, has some spoken script; language is that part of the life of a human which helps him to communicate and define his existence on this living planet.

While languages indeed have a very strong role in the lives of us humans, did this thought ever come to your mind that a language which was spoken and passed on through generations is on the verge of being extinct? And, when that language becomes extinct, will there be any unique recognition, a unique style that describes a certain culture?

The once famous languages that were popular for their rich texts and culture-based history is being erased from the current ideology of people today. The languages in this modern era are the just derivation of the ancient languages which was spoken by the people in the past. The languages of today are not just easy to speak, but, they also lack the culture in them and the pride that people had when it was being spoken. Today’s languages are more widely used and are more popular. The languages of the past are lesser known today due to the urbanisation in the world.

Very few people manage to know the ancient languages. The ancient languages might have been taught during childhood days, but they are soon forgotten due to lack of practice and also due to the lack of opportunities to use the language in the real world.

Often, people choose a new, foreign language to learn despite having the choice of learning one’s traditional language. This is because of various opportunities available which require language proficiency in one of the major foreign languages. Nowadays, new languages are fancy to the new generation and there’s more of interest to learn foreign languages than to retain knowledge of the ancient and traditional languages. It’s now quite tough to solve this issue as humans beings themselves have come this far. One suggestion is that we must learn basics of ancient languages and pass it down to our future generations. Who knows, the language that we learn and speak today may turn into an extinct and ancient language years later. It is a fact that the faster the generation and its technology grows, the more the world experiences changes.

To prevent the instant extinction of languages, ancient and traditional languages must be learnt and be retained to the future generations so that the languages can ‘speak’ of the cultures they were born with. We can save our future by passing on our knowledge to our future generations so that they pass on the same, thus, maintaining a chain. If languages and traditions are passed on, they keep a culture healthy and rich as it is in the present.

To summarize, my message is that a language must be learnt, passed on and shared with every individual so that the past traditions can never be forgotten.

Dear Friends! I just came across a very interesting article and felt inspired by it. The article also conveys a very strong meaning- to never forget our language as they are like precious gems. A person once said, “Your talents are like uncut diamonds. If you throw them, you will never learn of their values. Retain them and find the true pleasures of life!

Read this article about a woman who wants to preserve her language!

So, friends let us take an oath today to preserve our ancient languages today on!

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